Homeschooling and working from home

I have two children, I homeschool and I work from home. I also do the majority of the housework as well. I have been asked how I do it all? The truth is I don’t there are days where somethings don’t get done or only get a look over (even with a schedule) . So many have asked me to share my schedule with them. That I finally decided to today. I am not a very organized person and so having a schedule and a space for my things is super important.

6:00-6:40am- My husband and I get up and he gets ready for work. He leaves at around 6:40

6:40am- I read, do Bible study until 7

7:00am- I look through my email and answer any that needs to be

7:15-7:20am- I will look to see if I have any messages on Facebook relating to work

7:20-7:30am-I make any updates to Facebook business page that need to be done

7:30-My daughter usually gets up and I feed her

7:30-8:00am- We will watch something educational for toddlers

9:00am- My son gets up

9:00-10:am- He will eat breakfast and I allow him to play on the computer for an hour

10:00-11:00am- My son does his chores and I will do some research or work on my book

11:00-11:30am- Math

11:30am-12:00pm- Lunch

12:00-12:30pm- Science

12:30-1:00pm –  My son will be working on English, my daughter takes a nap and I clean the kitchen and bathroom

1:00pm-1:30pm My son does his history class and I will sweep and mop

1:30-2:00 My son does civics, while I work on my next blog post (I post several times a week at the moment)

2:00-2:30pm- My son does art and I will start scheduling posts for a few weeks ahead

2:30-3:00pm- We take a break and tidy anything that needs to be tidied up

3:00-3:30pm My son reads for a half hour and I get on Twitter and Pinterest to tweet and pin things for my businesses (I’m an author and blogger)

3:30pm-4:00pm- My son does social studies (last class of the day) while I vacuum (I leave this for the end of the day or it never looks like I did it in the first place. How do kids make things so dirty, so fast lol)


4:00-5:30- I let my kids watch a movie

5:00om I start dinner

5:30-6:00- We have dinner as a family, then clean the kitchen

6:00-6:30- Bedtime routine (baths, brushing teeth and story time)

7:00pm- My son is in bed (my toddler is still working out a routine so she is up later usually)

7:00-8:00pm- My husband and will watch something together (with toddler in tow lol)

8:00-8:15pm- My daughter usually goes to sleep

8:15-9:00pm- I will work on my book some more

9:00-9:30pm-Check Facebook again for any business related messages and will look through my business groups

9:30-10:00pm- I will check my blog for any comments

10:00-10:20pm- Send any emails for the week out (this is only one day a week but I’m adding it here so you have a full schedule. I do it late at night so I don’t have to take my attention away for my kids)

10:20-11:00pm- I make up emails for the following week for my subscribers

11:00pm-12:00pm- Check email one last time

12:00pm-1:00am- Husband and I will watch something not kid-friendly (Supernatural or something similar)

1:30-2:00am- We got to bed around 1:30-2:00am


This is what I usually try to accomplish every day but my daughter has a very weird schedule and there are days she will not sleep until super late, 2 or 3 in the morning. That is why I put usually on things for her. On those days we may not get up until 10-11 due to being so tired. It is usually those times my schedule is messed up. I dust 3 times a week (not really needed but I do it anyway lol). I wipe walls twice a month, the refrigerator is cleaned out once a week, laundry twice a week usually Mondays and Thursdays. I didn’t add them because they aren’t a daily thing and I was focusing on my daily schedule. I didn’t add what my daughter is doing but truthfully she is usually in my lap, she’s a snuggle baby.




Free Online Curricula

Hi all! Today I’m going to share with you a list of online curricula! I’m hoping this list can help someone just starting out or who can’t afford to buy curricula. I will be providing links so you can check out each one for yourself.

We will begin with Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool- This is a full curriculum it covers the following subjects.


We used this curriculum for about 6 months before moving on to something else. There are pros and cons to this curricula and I will share what my family liked and didn’t like about it.

Pros: Convenient, easy to use, can do all online or print language arts and math workbooks, fun games.

Cons: The only real con for my family was that my son constantly complained it was too easy. I took him up two grades and he said it was still too easy. This seems to be a constant complaint among a lot of homeschoolers. Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool


An Old Fashioned Education is a curriculum that is reading based. The curricula was made by a homeschooling mother that tried Ambelside Online (will discuss later in this article) and found it hard to use and confusing. The Curriculum uses living books instead of textbooks (many of these books will be free due to being out of print). The children will read rich engaging stories instead of memorizing facts. The following subjects are covered • American History
• Anthologies
• Arithmetic
• Art Appreciation
• Bible & Religion
• Biography
• Canadian Interest
• Canadian Teacher’s Manuals
• Character & Etiquette
• Christian Classics
• Civics & Government
• Classic Literature
• Composition
• Creationism
• Drama & Public Speaking
• Economics
• Emergency Preparedness
• Fables, Fairy Tales & Nursery Rhymes
• Fiction for Boys
• Fiction for Girls
• Folk Songs & Hymns
• Geography & Social Studies
• Grammar & Spelling
• Greece & Rome
• Health

As you can see there are many subjects covered and it is all free. My family used this curriculum for about a year before we found tried Ambleside Online and liked it better. The pros and cons are below

Pros: Easy to use, organized well, lots of amazing reading, broken down into grades 1-12

Cons: Lots of reading (not good if you have a student who doesn’t like reading), many books have to be read online or on another device   Old Fashioned Education




Ambleside Online (This is a Charlotte Mason based curricula, you can find a blog post on Charlotte Mason on my blog)

Ambleside Online much like An Old Fashioned Education is literature based. Every subject is taught by ready rich engaging books. The students will also do dictation,  copywriting, picture study and composer study, among other things. The following are the subject that is covered

  • Bible
  • History
  • Art-picture study
  • Music-composer study, hymn, folk songs
  • Geography
  • Reading
  • Nature study
  • Science
  • Math
  • Foreign Language
  • Citizenship
  • Copywriting



This is by and far my favorite curriculum out of all the free online choices! It is rich and in depth. My son reads amazing stories and goes on adventures. It is broken down into years instead of grades and parents can decide where to start their students. There is forums, articles, and books to offer help. As with the others, will provide pros and cons.

Pros: Easy to use website, lots of support, teaches the whole child, wonderful stories, easy to use schedule, short lessons

Cons: Some have said the website and curricula is hard to use, some children have expressed boredom, many books need to be read online or on another device, not good for students who don’t like a lot of reading.

I would suggest reading and researching, this particular curricula and style aren’t for everyone and it is better to be sure you want to commit to it first. Ambleside Online


These are the free online curriculum I have experience with. There are more and I suggest you look them all up. There is a whole slew of online ways to homeschool for free or almost free! If you have another to suggest please do so in the comments!








Having bad days while homeschooling

We all have them, days that just don’t work out the way we’d like. We just wish we could hide away and not face the world. We can’t do that, we must smile and move along! This is harder when you have kids that stay with you all day and when you happen to be mom and teacher. There have been so many days when I call it done! Sat them down and tuned on something educational. Mom had enough and checked out!




I’m here to tell you it’s okay! It’s okay to have a day where nothing gets done! We moms need a break, a day where we stare blankly at nothing. We are allowed to break down and say no! Your kids will not be scarred by not sitting down to do work now and then. Teachers at public and private schools do this when they have other work (grading, planning) to do. Remember watching movies in school? Yup, your teaching was getting you and your classmates to leave them alone! We’re all human and we all need to slow down now and then. barriers-building-caution-638487

I know as homeschooling moms we feel guilty for taking a self-care day. After all aren’t we both mother and teacher? Aren’t our kids going to fall behind? Nope! Grab some art supplies, slap on a tutorial on YouTube and go read or lay down! If our cup is empty we can’t care for anyone else. We will be stressed, mean and not wanting to do anything. That will have a bigger impact on your children than not having work one or two days where they “don’t do anything.”  Give yourself some grace and don’t be afraid to take some you time! Having bad days while you homeschool is just a part of life. Feeling bad while having a bad day isn’t. Do what you need to do for the health and wellbeing of yourself now and then. This will help tremendously with your family’s health and wellbeing! Grab that extra cup of coffee and enjoy! beverage-blank-blank-space-414691.jpg

Why I use the Charlotte Mason Method in my homeschool

Charlotte Mason was a woman after my own heart. She believed in educating the whole child. Miss Mason didn’t believe in drilling facts into children’s heads and forcing them to memorize them. Instead, she believed in short lessons and having the children repeat what they learned. She believed in walks in nature and watching animals, smelling flowers. She didn’t believe in reading about the artist, no she believed in the studying the art of the artist.  She didn’t believe in throwing a packet about a composer at children, she believed in listening to their music, with eyes closed, hearing every beat.


Charlotte Mason did not children of her own but she knew what they needed to learn and to retain information. She believed in immersing them in whatever it was they were learning. Diving in head first and really getting into the subject. There were no textbooks instead there were living books, there were no dry facts, there were rich stories. This is why I use the Charlotte Mason Method in my homeschool. I love hearing my son’s sweet voice read aloud, hearing him tell me what he sees in a painting, the lines, colors, and shapes. The excitement when he points out an animal and explains its behavior based on what he is seeing rather then what he’d read.


It warms my heart when he tells me he wants me to read to him over watching TV. The happiness he shows when handed a pack of colored pencils and instructed to draw what he saw on our latest nature walk.  He will gladly repeat back to me his lesson with no argument! All because we chose a way of learning that enriches his education, a style that shows him how to be in the world and a part of it instead of telling him how. I will never regret choosing the CM Method for my family. It was the best decision I’ve ever made for my children!


If you’d like more information about Charlotte Mason or the CM Method please visit I am in no way affiliated with Ambleside Online other than using their curriculum.


Fall At Last

autumn-colorful-colourful-33109.jpgFall is here and for most people, this means pumpkin everything, apple cider, hay rides, and trick or treating.  As a homeschool mom, this means so much more! We will learn about the fall season, what Halloween is about and how it started, how pumpkins grow, find a recipe for pumpkin seeds, make crafts, learn all about hay, watch videos about trees to see why the leaves fall, take a nature walk and go to an apple orchard not to just pick apples but to learn about the entire process!

apple-apple-tree-apples-574919 (1).jpgabundance-agriculture-crops-735540.jpg


This is the season of relaxing and enjoying our homeschool journey. Not only are we having fun but we’re learning, My son knows that he gets all the smells, taste and sound of the season. What he doesn’t know is that his mom is hiding a lesson in all of that fun! Fall is ground for homeschool mamas because there is so much to do and the schooling doesn’t seem so tedious! The books get used less, for us at least and we run free while learning! book-stack-books-bookshop-264635


More than any other season fall is the best for homeschooling! Not too hot or cold and as I mentioned earlier so much to do that you can sneak learning into! People say ’tis the season at Christmas but it’s like that at fall for this mama! Those leaves you just jumped in? Let’s see why they fall! Usually, I get met with groans but not now because they really want to know why! Fall is that magical season where the world is caught between new and old and homeschool mamas can add a little bit of season fun!  What do you do or add to your homeschool during fall?

Hey everyone!

Oh my gosh, it has been a while since I posted on this blog! I’ve been busy writing my book and working on my other blog! Thank you all for following me! I will begin writing again here! If I could ask you one small favor :). Could you also follow me over at as well? It would mean the world to me! That blog is about writing and tips and tricks with being an author/writer.


Now for this blog, I share curriculum, my family’s journey, crafts etc. Anything that has to do with homeschooling or can be incorporated into homeschooling! I really hope you enjoy and once more thank you!


It’s Fall, Y’all!! :) :) :)

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“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” -L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

“It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.”  -Sarah Addison Allen

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” -Lauren DeStefano

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” -Jim Bishop


It’s HERE!! It’s HERE!! My favorite time of year!! (Ha, I rhymed! Totally meant to do that.) 🙂 I love this time of year. It is so magical. I have loved autumn since I was a kid. It’s the beginning of the holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…so perfect!) I thought it would be fun to share with you guys why this is my favorite time of year…

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