Fall At Last

autumn-colorful-colourful-33109.jpgFall is here and for most people, this means pumpkin everything, apple cider, hay rides, and trick or treating.  As a homeschool mom, this means so much more! We will learn about the fall season, what Halloween is about and how it started, how pumpkins grow, find a recipe for pumpkin seeds, make crafts, learn all about hay, watch videos about trees to see why the leaves fall, take a nature walk and go to an apple orchard not to just pick apples but to learn about the entire process!

apple-apple-tree-apples-574919 (1).jpgabundance-agriculture-crops-735540.jpg


This is the season of relaxing and enjoying our homeschool journey. Not only are we having fun but we’re learning, My son knows that he gets all the smells, taste and sound of the season. What he doesn’t know is that his mom is hiding a lesson in all of that fun! Fall is ground for homeschool mamas because there is so much to do and the schooling doesn’t seem so tedious! The books get used less, for us at least and we run free while learning! book-stack-books-bookshop-264635


More than any other season fall is the best for homeschooling! Not too hot or cold and as I mentioned earlier so much to do that you can sneak learning into! People say ’tis the season at Christmas but it’s like that at fall for this mama! Those leaves you just jumped in? Let’s see why they fall! Usually, I get met with groans but not now because they really want to know why! Fall is that magical season where the world is caught between new and old and homeschool mamas can add a little bit of season fun!  What do you do or add to your homeschool during fall?

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