Homeschooling and working from home

I have two children, I homeschool and I work from home. I also do the majority of the housework as well. I have been asked how I do it all? The truth is I don’t there are days where somethings don’t get done or only get a look over (even with a schedule) . So many have asked me to share my schedule with them. That I finally decided to today. I am not a very organized person and so having a schedule and a space for my things is super important.

6:00-6:40am- My husband and I get up and he gets ready for work. He leaves at around 6:40

6:40am- I read, do Bible study until 7

7:00am- I look through my email and answer any that needs to be

7:15-7:20am- I will look to see if I have any messages on Facebook relating to work

7:20-7:30am-I make any updates to Facebook business page that need to be done

7:30-My daughter usually gets up and I feed her

7:30-8:00am- We will watch something educational for toddlers

9:00am- My son gets up

9:00-10:am- He will eat breakfast and I allow him to play on the computer for an hour

10:00-11:00am- My son does his chores and I will do some research or work on my book

11:00-11:30am- Math

11:30am-12:00pm- Lunch

12:00-12:30pm- Science

12:30-1:00pm –  My son will be working on English, my daughter takes a nap and I clean the kitchen and bathroom

1:00pm-1:30pm My son does his history class and I will sweep and mop

1:30-2:00 My son does civics, while I work on my next blog post (I post several times a week at the moment)

2:00-2:30pm- My son does art and I will start scheduling posts for a few weeks ahead

2:30-3:00pm- We take a break and tidy anything that needs to be tidied up

3:00-3:30pm My son reads for a half hour and I get on Twitter and Pinterest to tweet and pin things for my businesses (I’m an author and blogger)

3:30pm-4:00pm- My son does social studies (last class of the day) while I vacuum (I leave this for the end of the day or it never looks like I did it in the first place. How do kids make things so dirty, so fast lol)


4:00-5:30- I let my kids watch a movie

5:00om I start dinner

5:30-6:00- We have dinner as a family, then clean the kitchen

6:00-6:30- Bedtime routine (baths, brushing teeth and story time)

7:00pm- My son is in bed (my toddler is still working out a routine so she is up later usually)

7:00-8:00pm- My husband and will watch something together (with toddler in tow lol)

8:00-8:15pm- My daughter usually goes to sleep

8:15-9:00pm- I will work on my book some more

9:00-9:30pm-Check Facebook again for any business related messages and will look through my business groups

9:30-10:00pm- I will check my blog for any comments

10:00-10:20pm- Send any emails for the week out (this is only one day a week but I’m adding it here so you have a full schedule. I do it late at night so I don’t have to take my attention away for my kids)

10:20-11:00pm- I make up emails for the following week for my subscribers

11:00pm-12:00pm- Check email one last time

12:00pm-1:00am- Husband and I will watch something not kid-friendly (Supernatural or something similar)

1:30-2:00am- We got to bed around 1:30-2:00am


This is what I usually try to accomplish every day but my daughter has a very weird schedule and there are days she will not sleep until super late, 2 or 3 in the morning. That is why I put usually on things for her. On those days we may not get up until 10-11 due to being so tired. It is usually those times my schedule is messed up. I dust 3 times a week (not really needed but I do it anyway lol). I wipe walls twice a month, the refrigerator is cleaned out once a week, laundry twice a week usually Mondays and Thursdays. I didn’t add them because they aren’t a daily thing and I was focusing on my daily schedule. I didn’t add what my daughter is doing but truthfully she is usually in my lap, she’s a snuggle baby.




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