Five Important Things to Know About Homeschooling

I get asked certain questions all the time about homeschooling.  I wanted to make a post that answers the 5 top questions I get. They are important to know if you want to start homeschooling as well. So here they are 5 important things to know about homeschooling.


Is it legal?

Legal 3

You would think with homeschooling being in the media so much people would know this but I get asked all the time! Yes, it is legal to homeschool your child in the United States. Each state has their own laws you have to follow to make sure you’re compliant but it’s totally legal. Some people are shocked when I tell them this and some ask isn’t it outdated. Nope, not in the least bit. In fact,  more people are beginning to homeschool their kids in recent years. I like answering this one because I’m educating people who aren’t necessarily trying to be rude they just truly don’t know. If you’re planning on homeschooling make sure you know your state laws.


Parents are qualified to teach their children


Many homeschool parents don’t like this question and with good reason. It sounds like the person asking if the parents are smart. I don’t think that is what the person asking is meaning to be rude. I think this question comes from a place of concern and while that can be annoying, I think it’s a legitimate question. The main question I get asked is if I have a degree in teaching? The answer is no I don’t but I, in fact, don’t need one to be qualified. Many people may not know this but not all states require a teaching degree to teach, some only require a Bachelor’s. You read that right! Also, there are tons of public school teachers who homeschool their kids and they will tell you parents are definitely qualified to teach. It seems the idea is that teacher know everything because they went to school but they don’t. No one knows everything including teachers. They guides, answer books and outlines to help them. I’m not putting public school teachers down, they think they are amazing. The only thing I’m saying is homeschool parents have the exact same resources as public school teacher and we use them.


Homeschooled kids are involved in a lot of activities 


I’m going to be mentioning a lot on this blog and with good reason. When the majority of people here a family homeschools they ask what about socialization? Aren’t the kids bored? Do they have friends? Do you leave the house? Yes, homeschoolers here that last question a lot. We do leave the house a lot! Just like other kids homeschooled children go dancing classes, are cheerleaders, football playes, soccer players, are in band, go to classes with other kids, have playdates, go to dances, birthday parties, field trips, church, camps, and the list goes on and on. Most homeschooled children are very socialized. It’s not true that all homeschool kids are socially awkward and I’d like to point out the type of schooling one has nothing to do with if they are socially awkward or not. I promise that’s true! I think a lot of people see socialization as being with peers one’s own age. Homeschoolers do that in spades and they interact with people of all ages on an almost daily basis. I hope one day this question isn’t so prevalent but until it’s not I’m going to keep saying it, they are socialized!


We don’t usually have a public school teacher involved nor do we have to



I get asked this a lot and it kind of goes hand in hand with the are you qualified question. Most homeschoolers do not get a public school teacher involved in their schooling. We don’t have some come by and check out our children’s progress or make sure we are teaching right. We follow our state laws and teach the subjects required and times some that aren’t like coding etc. Some states have a requirement where you have to get yearly testing done and have a licensed person look over your portfolio and of course, arents comply with that. We don’t, however, go to a school and ask someone to come over say every day, week or month to look over what we’re doing. The reason being is it’s not necessary. We know we are doing fine based on the fact that our kids are learning and doing well on their tests as well as the fact that the state tells us we’re doing good when we turn our portfolio and paperwork in. Also, teachers are busy enough without having people coming to them and asking them to do extra work. We are fine doing it alone and our kids are learning!


Most homeschooled children like being homeschooled 



We hear it all the time but does your kid like being homeschooled? Do you even care if they do? Yes, we do care and most kids do enjoy being homeschooled. You do have some kids that fight doing school work or don’t want to get out of bed. I find this is true of many public schooled kids as well. There are many who go to public school that hates school. It’s has nothing to do with how they are schooled, it has to do with each child. Most homeschooled kids say they think they are getting a rich education and love the freedom homeschool gives them. They have more time to study the subjects they want, many are duel enrolled and some graduate early and are accepted into college right away. Sounds like a lot of public schooled kids right? I think most focus on the home pare of the word homeschool and get an image of kids sitting on the couch all day playing video games, or locked in the house and never get out. This really isn’t the case. while homeschooling doesn’t necessarily done like public school there is still a lot of learning going on and most of the time the child has a lot of say in what they learn. That isn’t to say parents are letting their kids listen to music all day and having them write reports. No, it’s more like the kids are allowed to tell if something is working or not. They get to pick a lot of the books they read, the places they visit on field trips etc. A majority of homeschooled kids love it because they can be more involved in their education and there is no pressure to follow a crowd.


There you have it 5 important things to know about homeschooling. Are you a homeschool parent and want to add anything to the list? Let us know in the comments!


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