How to Make Money While Homeschooling

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Many homeschooling moms (and dads) stay home and many would like to make money. I am here to share with you the ways I make money from home, plus other options for you to bring in a little cash.


Many stay at home parents make money blogging. They do this by using affiliate marketing, Google Adsense or selling their own courses or products on their blog. You can only use some of these options if you have paid hosting and a domain. For instance, you can’t use Google Adsense on a free blog, they won’t approve you. The best way to make money is to choose your niche and build a following first. Hosting doesn’t have to be expensive, there are many options out there for affordable hosting. I am with Mom Webs and I pay $15 every three months. My domain is only $14 for a year. They are great with answering questions and I have never had a problem with their services. Another great option is to buy one of WordPress’s plans. They have many and most are pretty affordable.

There are of course many other options out there and I would suggest doing your research to see which would be best for you. Once you have your domain and hosting setting up your blog is pretty easy. Get some topics, some graphics (these can be purchased or made for free), start posting and letting people know about your blog. You can make good money blogging but you will need to give it time.


Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a website that has a ton of worksheets. Some are free but others you will need to pay for.  You can make money by being a tpt author making worksheets. There is a free and paid version. You can set up your profile, choosing what language your worksheets will be written in, the grade(s) you will teach, and what subjects. They even have a tpt university to teach you how to get started. Once you begin making your worksheets you get to set the price and can even decide how to list them. Example, by price, relevance etc. Like blogging, you can make a good amount but you will need to work up to it.  Knowledge of Powerpoint and how to work with clipart will help you get ahead faster. They will both be used to make your lessons. I am going to drop the link so you can explore the website and see if this is something you may want to do. If you want more info on how it works there are a lot of YouTube videos showing you how to be a tpt author. I have just joined tpt as an author and I will update you all on how I like it later.



This one one of the ways I make money. I’m not only a published author but I do some freelance writing as well. If you like to write it is possible to work from home as a freelance writer. There are many sites that list jobs and you can put in a proposal doe the job. The pay will depend on the person offering the writing gig. The following sites are all legitimate and offer freelance writing jobs.








Each of these have their own requirements so doing your own research to see which one may fit you is a must. There are other sites but these are just some of my favorite ones out there.


Virtual Assistant

There are companies that will hire you as a virtual assistant. If you like making phone calls,  filing, setting up appointments or booking flights for clients this may be a great option for you. The following companies are all legitimate and you can check them out to see if there is one you like.

99$ Social



Fancy Hands 


Virtual Office VA

24/7 Virtual Assistant


As with the writing sites how much you are paid, the work you will do and the requirements needed are all up to each individual company. ALway check to make sure they are taking on assistants at the time you apply.



Do you like transcription work and have experience? You can find some online working doing transcription jobs. I have looked over the following companies and as with some of the others, each have their own requirements. They don’t pay much usually but it is an easy way to make some extra cash from home.




Accutran Global 



Daily Transcription 


There are many other legitimate work from home jobs out there but these are the ones I have researched and checked out myself. There are legitimate tutor jobs, online teaching jobs, search engine evaluator jobs companies looking for moderators. Just do your research and check all companies out before joining them. You won’t get rich quick doing any of these but you may be able to buy some groceries or get some gas in your car.






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