I Am Going to Be Doing Reviews

Hey, everyone, I have been gone for a bit, between holidays, kids being sick and getting back into a routine time got away from me! I am back now and ready to get 2019 going! I am wanting to tell you some exciting news today! I am going to be reviewing homeschool products for all of you! I will be testing different products with my son and sharing our journey with you all! art-balloons-birthday-1193600.jpg

I am beyond excited to be able to work with an amazing group of ladies who will not only be reviewing products but the team leaders are who will provide us with the things we are going to be reviewing! This is not only something for me but for all of you as well! I can share my thoughts, pictures, and videos with you all and you can use that to decide if a product is right for you! It is my hope I can help other homeschooling moms find curriculum and products by showing them what I think! analysis-blackboard-board-355952.jpg

I should be starting the reviews soon and will keep you all updated when I will be posting reviews. I will provide links to everything in case you find a product you like. I am ready to begin this journey and bring you along with me! Let’s learn about new products together! carrying-casual-celebration-1282169

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