Singapore Math Inc. Dimensions Math 2b Review

Today I’m going to post about Singapore Math Inc. they sent us the
Dimensions Math PK-5 teacher’s guide, workbook, and textbook. We did level 2b for our son. The teacher’s guide breaks down the lessons and gives you info on how to teach the lessons. It is broken down into nice little sections to make teaching and finding information easier. The teacher’s guide also includes an answer key to check the students work. A materials list is at the front of each lesson so you know what will be needed There is also a link for online resources to further the learning process.

I found preparing and teaching lessons to be using the teacher’s guide. I knew what to expect for each lesson and the words to use to teach it. The student textbook went right along with the teaching guide. The pictures were the same and the activity language was the same. This made it easier for my son to follow along as we did the lesson and he was able to talk through/do the activities in the textbook as I taught. The language wasn’t overly complicated, and the bright pictures kept my student engaged and interested. He thought the activities in the textbook were fun.

The Workbook was more in-depth and that is where students do their actual math problems. The workbook was laid out simply and wasn’t overly complicated to use.

Our plan was to use the math curriculum every day however we did hit a bit of a snag when my son got confused due to not having been taught math the way the curriculum teaches it. Our previous math curriculum was structured different and my son said he didn’t like the way this curriculum taught it. I found myself explaining how to do math problems more than once. That is not to say it’s not an amazing curriculum because it is. I really like the way it was structured and explained. We set it down for a day and tried again but my son still didn’t understand how they were doing the problems.

I would recommend Dimensions math as it is thorough and well structured. My son said he would tell others to give it a try and see how they like it but he’s not sure it’s for him. I’m going to continue using it and see if it finally clicks. I just think at this point it may just be getting used to learning math in a new way. If your family is looking for a well thought out, well-structured math curriculum I believe you will like this one! I’m planning on doing a follow-up review in a few weeks to update my readers on how my son is doing with the curriculum after using it for a while.

If you’d like to read others thoughts on the curriculum you can by clicking the banner below:

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Art: Is It Important?

We use art in our homeschool and I sometimes get questions as to why. Is it really important? Do kids really need it? Aren’t you just wasting money? I truly think it’s important for several reasons.

It helps kids be creative, something they need

They can work with their hands and see something they made themselves.

They develop fine motor skills, something that is very important while they are young.

They learn about colors, layout, and presentation skills.

As teenagers this is a way to express themselves and get their emotions out. By teaching them art from a young age we are giving them an outlet.

It is just clean fun, kids get to be messy, mix paints, glue and so much more!

Shallow Focus Photography of Paintbrush

There are so many other reasons art is important but just these few show why it should be taught. Many public schools are getting rid of it and I’m so confused. Why take away one of the only times during the day kids get to be creative? Not to mention it is one of the only times they are engaged outside of book work (not counting recess). One of the other reasons I hear that homeschool families don’t do art is that they don’t want to keep it all. I have fixed this problem is by putting up a picture of the week. Other have digitized their children’s work.

I also personally feel art is important because where would the world be without it? Much of our beauty comes from paintings, sculptures, and statues. Why take that away? Why kill children’t creativity? Not only do they learn much needed skills but they learn to make beauty where there may be none. Do you think art is important? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments!

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Review

Today we’re reviewing The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls books #3 titled
The Great Escape and book #4 tilted Journey to Jericho.  These were generously given to us by WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group and are part of the The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series. Book three takes us on an adventure where our main characters Peter (9) and his sister Mary (10) use a scroll from their uncle Solomon’s house to travel back in time to Ancient Egypt with their dog Hank by using a magic scroll. There ey meet a princess named Shephara and befriend her. They go to school with her and are taught by the Great Magician who turns out to be Satan.

They also find that they are in the time of Moses when he is trying to get the Israelites free from the Egyptians. Peter and Mary watch as God releases the ten plagues on Egypt. They can only stay fourteen days, in that time they have to decipher a message that is written in hieroglyphs on the scroll. If they don’t they will be stuck forever. The two kids explore pyramids, challenge the Great Magician and the Egyptian belief in more than one god and watch the drama of the plagues.

This book is fun for kids and gets them excited to learn about the Bible. My son finished this book in a day. He called it exciting and hard to put down. He asked me questions about the plagues which led us on a deeper studying session. He cheered the kids and the dog on as they tried to beat the Great Magician. When he finished he told me he wanted the entire collection and started on the 4th book right away. He also loved that there were pictures, the chapters weren’t very long and the writing kept his attention.

Book 4 is called Journey to Jericho and is as fun to read as book three. In this book, Peter and Mary are taken by the scroll to Jericho at the time Joshua helped the Israelites take the city by knocking the walls down. Once more Peter and Mary must try to stop Satan as they try to solve the message of the scroll. They chase after spies, hide in the mountains from guards and even lose Hank for a bit. As with the first book they only have fourteen days to figure out the message. Will they do it in time? My son loved this one more than the first! He told me he liked when they helped a little girl that was being bullied. He is begging me to get him the entire set of books because he wants to go on more adventures with Peter, Mary, and Hank.

These books are a fun, engaging way to get your kids to read Bible stories. My son said he wished they were a little longer but other than that he deemed them fantastic! I love that it got him reading and excited about the Bible. As a family that reads the Bible, this is a great way to start a discussion and get your kids to go deeper in their biblical studies. My toddler joined us as we read and listened to some of the stories. This would be a good way to get the family together and read aloud. We truly enjoyed these books and look forward to getting the others in the series in the near future.

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IXL Review

Hey all! Today we are reviewing IXL an online program that is for grades pre-k through 12th. This program also includes Spanish for students to learn! We received an annual with
IXL Learning  in exchange for our review. I used the program with my 5th grader who used it for math, science, and social studies. For math, my student was given problems to do. The picture below is an example of what he did.

He said doing math this was was fun, informative, and easy to learn with. My son loves interactive activities and thrived by learning math this way. I had given him an assessment through the website to determine where he and that is how it was determined what problems were given. I highly recommend doing the assessment to help you best aid your child.

Science and social studies where the same way, interactive and brightly colored.

You can sign on as a parent to access the diagnostic, standards for your state, and awards for your child(ren). You can look at the subjects and lessons but will not be scored if you choose to do a lesson yourself in order to check it out. The website is easy to navigate with the tabs for each subject/area on the home screen.

Each grade is color-coded so it’s easy to find what you are looking for. If your child learns best using an online interactive curriculum I recommend IXL for your family! The annual membership is only $199, so not too expensive! You get an all-inclusive, interactive easy to use curriculum IXL may be right for your family! My son gave it a 9 out of 10 when asked. He said he wished it were a bit more fast paced but aside from that loved it!

As the parent, I recommend it because you can sit with your child and see what they are learning without them having to depend on you to teach the entire lesson. If your more of a hands-off teacher this will work for you as well since the lessons are all set up and ready to go! My family loved it and will continue to use it for the year and are now considering getting another year once our period is up!

You can check the website out for yourself by clicking the link here:  Be sure to check out more reviews for IXL by clicking the banner below.

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A Review of For the Temple from Heirloom Audio

Hello all! It’s time for our next review! We were asked to do a review for
 For The Temple. This is an audio adventure brought to you by
Heirloom Audio. It based on the original book by G.A Henty who will take you on a journey alongside John a young Jewish man who only wants a simple life with his family. He is 16 when he and his betrothed row out into the ocean. They get caught in a storm but are saved by a boat passing by.

On the boat, John meets a man named Josephus who tells him he is brave and intelligent and would like to enlist him to help fight the Romans when the time comes. After getting permission from his parents John joins the ranks of soldiers. He soon becomes a great leader and fights in many battles. He helps his people defeat the Romans in many battles. The story is not only engaging but the effects add so much more to it!

my 5th grader was enchanted with the sound of thunder during the storm, the clash of swords as the men battled, the uprising of the music as drama ensued. The actors will pull you in and make you feel as if you are right there beside them as they go on their journeys. Listening to the interactions between John and Mary’s tender moments or the scenes where John is scolding his own people for shedding blood in the Temple, you can feel your emotions matching those with the people living these lives. One particular battle scene my 5ht grader enjoyed was when the Romans were trying to infiltrate the Jewish stronghold, they were talking about how strong the wall was, he was cheering for the Jewish people not being afraid and believing in God.

We were also given a study guide to go along with the audio CD’s. It had questions to help you and your student(s) dig deeper into the material.

We did the questions orally as that is how my 5th grader learns best, he answered the questions with enthusiasm and wanted to learn more about the time period. Aside from the questions, there was more information for older readers such as the destruction of Jerusalem as pictured above and a Bible study with verses for more in-depth reading. My 5th grader hadn’t learned a lot about the Temple up to this point and loved hearing that it was used for sacrifices. He looked online to learn about why and what they sacrificed in the Temple. The story made him want to learn more about the Bible, the Jewish people, and the Romans!

Our family is giving For the Temple a huge thumbs up because it is highly entertaining and educational. Every Christian wanting to teach their child about God, his people, and the battles they fought in. This gives you an exciting, engaging, up-close look at the day to day life of God’s people. We cannot say enough about the talented cast and how they pull you right in and believe you are right there with them!

We would recommend this to everyone looking for a way to teach their children about the Bible in a way that will hold their attention and help them truly absorb the information they are learning about. Make sure to head over tho Heirloom Audio’s website and check out this and all of the other stories they have to offer!

For The Temple {Heirloom Audio Reviews} For The Temple {Heirloom Audio Reviews} Crew Disclaimer

A Really Cool Course to Help Homeschool (or any mom) Assign Chores to Her Kids

This post contains affiliate links!

I don’t know about any of you but staying on top of cleaning and homeschooling is a challenge some days! I felt like I was running around and not actually getting anything done! Most days I feel like a failure who will never be able to do it all! I have a child that is old enough to help but kept asking myself, “Isn’t his job to learn?” So I just kept keeping on the way I was doing it.

Person Using Mop on Floor

The only result that came of that was a frustrated and tired momma! I was looking for ways to make my life easier when it came to chores, that was when I found the Proverbial Homemaker blog! She has so many thing pertaining to homeschooling (look for a post on that in the future) and homemaking! I saw that she had a mini-course called The Simple Chore System for Busy Moms. I looked into it and it is a course on teaching kids to help around the house. I loved it! The course teaches you how to teach a new chore, choosing chores for your child’s age, establishing daily responsibility and so much more!

It is a great course and you will come away with tools to help you teach your kids to help around the house without having to keep up with chars or complicated systems! I loved it so much that when I found out she had an affiliate program I said yes please! 

Women in White Turtle Neck Shirt and Red Lipstick

If you are seriously tired of chasing after your kids to do their chores or wondering how to assign chores this is the course for you! You can find it by following this link:

Want to teach your children to help around the house? Complicated chore charts not working for you? You'll love this simple system for busy moms!

Trust me you won’t regret it! Don’t forget to check out everything else she has to offer! 

Schoolhouse Teachers Review

This is a review of The website is easy to navigate and the tabs on the top of the home page show you exactly where you can find what you are looking for. There are online classes, tutorials for how to use the different features, the just for parents section is great if you are looking for classes for yourself and they even have ebooks for parents. If you ever run into a problem the staff is quick to get back to you about your inquiry. There is also a planning section where you can print calendars, get course info, build a custom schedule and so much more! This review is going to focus on the World Book, the course American History for Beginners, the video library, and Preschool Playground. These are the areas our family used the most so that is why they will be the focus of this review.

World Book


This is a screenshot of what the home screen for the World Book looks like. The WorldBook is packed full of videos and ebooks to help with your child’s learning. It is broken down by grade level and you can even the resources. The videos are colorful and entertaining. There were a 5th grader and a preschooler who watched the videos and they both said that they learned from and enjoyed the videos. There were plenty of ebooks to choose from for each grade level and the 5th grader had fun clicking through and picking some he wanted to read out. The World Book is more than an online Encylopedia it is a whole world of learning!

American History for Beginners


This is an interactive course offered on the website.


This is what the home screen for the course looks like, there are downloadable lessons that you will use to teach your student. There are 34 lessons in all for this course and students learn about Christopher Columbus, New World Explorers, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Roanoke Island and so much more. The pictures below is a screenshots of what the lessons look like. The second picture is of my 5th grader using the class.

You read through the lessons and there are clickable links throughout the text to learn more about certain things. An example would be in lesson one, they mention parrots and the word is highlighted blue, your student can click on that to learn more about parrots. There are also links to more info at the end of each lesson.  Each lesson wasn’t very long but was packed full of information, my 5th grader pictured here was excited to learn more outside of this course because of what he learned while going through the class. He said it was exciting and made him feel as if he ended the course with a lot more knowledge then he had going in.  The lessons are easy and simple to follow and don’t add so much information that the student is left filling overwhelmed. There is just enough to make the student learn but leave them hungry for more. All in all the course was set up for ease of use, was student and parently-friendly. My 5th grader loved learning this way and said he would recommend it to other homeschoolers. Our family as a whole would recommend this course any other families looking for lessons/classes.

Video Library


The video library is full of videos! They are colorful, engaging, and informative. There are videos for every grade level and subject. They even offer videos for foreign language and electives. My family used them a lot since joining My 5th grader loved the art videos the most and my preschooler loved the Bible video Bedbug Bible Gang. We all loved that they were wholesome videos that teach in a very straightforward manner. These videos are a great addition to what your students are already learning!


Preschool Playground


If you have a preschooler the Preschool Playground would be a great thing for you to use. The lessons are taught via videos, they offer Bible, language arts, multi-subject, numbers, patterns and cognitive skills, manners and healthy habits, arts, crafts and music,  and science. You can access the videos through the World Book. My preschooler laughed, clapped and repeated what was being taught. She asked me to play some videos more than once. They are tailored perfectly to this age group, fast moving, bright and engaging! We will continue to use the Preschool Playground for a long time! I think once you try it for yourself you will agree it’s a great way to get preschoolers interested in learning.

My family’s overall opinion on is that it is an amazing tool that can help you in many areas of your homeschool. They offer courses, lesson planning, recordkeeping, planners, printable calendars,  resources for grades pre-k-12th and much more! There is something for everyone in your family! We would tell anyone who asked our thoughts on it to give it a try! If you want to join there is a discount code right now! When you go to check out just enter
CREWFOLLOWER. This will get you 30% off the Ultimate Yearly Membership. Try today! Also, be sure to check out all the other blog posts at Schoolhouse Teachers! Quality Online Homeschool Resources { Reviews} Crew Disclaimer