Charlotte Mason Method: Different Curricula You Can Use and They Are Free


I love the Charlotte Mason Method! I adore that my son gets to read books, not just textbooks but enriching stories. He enjoys that when we study art we don’t just read about an artist and draw or paint a picture. Instead, e study an artist work inch by inch. It’s called picture study in the Charlotte Mason Method. We both enjoy getting outside to study nature instead of watching videos and my son writing down what he learned. We get out and look at nature up close and personal. My son then draws a picture of what we were studying and jots down his observations. We learn math by reading stories that incorporate problems into them. Music is all about listening to a composer trying to identify what instruments are being used. I like to have notebooking sheets for my son to fill out about the composer. The Charlotte Mason Method is all about immersing into what is being taught not just memorizing facts.

If this sounds like something that would work for your family but you don’t know where to start I’d love to help you! Following is a list of Charlotte Mason Curriculua and the part is they are free!



Ambleside Online is the most popular of all the Charlotte Mason curriculum. It is a site full of information on the Charlotte Mason Method but it has a full curriculum. There are forums, parent review articles and even Charlotte’s own books for you to read. The site is easy to navigate and the curriculum is easy to follow if you use the schedule that is provided for the year you are using. There are also a lot of YouTube videos to help you! I love this curriculum because everything is ready for you, you just gather the books you need (most of which are in the public domain so they are free) and get to learning! I personally think this is the most detailed and best organized of all the CM curricula available.  Here is the link if you’d like to check it out for yourself:


Charlotte Mason Help


Charlotte Mason Help offers books you can buy if you choose but they do offer a free schedule for use in your Charlotte Mason Homeschool. It is listed as history plan, books and schedules, and sample examinations. The history plan is set out in years and will be done in chronological order. It is available for year 1 to year 11. The books and schedules list are for preschool to year 6 and will have a list of books and as well as things to do each day of the week. This will include Bible study (if you don’t teach the Bible you can just skip this), handwriting, nature study etc. These schedules are simple and easy to follow. The sample examinations show you questions you can ask for each class that you teach. I have even used the questions they have listed in my own homeschool. The site is easy to use and the schedules are very simple but give you a lot of material to teach.  I think this is a very nice choice if you decide Ambleside Online isn’t for you. Here is the link so you can check it out:




I have never personally used this one but I have heard great things about it! There is form 1 which is for ages 6-9 and form 2 which is for ages 9-12. Each of these includes writing, tales history, geography, Natural history, picture study, foreign language, math, brush drawing, recitations, reading, music, music appreciation, singing, drill, work, and world religions. On the home page, you can find the two forms, as well as links for composers, song rotations, artists, and Shakespeare. They give you suggestions for programs you can choose to use for different subjects like writing and math. There is plenty of information for you to read so you understand what you’re teaching. This website is simple and easy to navigate. The people who have used it said they love it and feel their children are getting an amazing education from using it. If you’d like to check it out go here:


download (1)

If you are Catholic there is a curriculum especially for you! Mater Amabilis has prep level, Level 1A, Level 1B, Levels 2, 3, 4, and high school. They offer religious studies, math,  English, Literature, national history, ancient history, geography and Erth studies, science, nature study, foreign language, music appreciation, picture study, art, music, and practical work. They have a schedule for each subject with the books they want you to read. Not being Catholic I have never used this curriculum but it looks in depth and like a very well rounded education. They have an introduction you can read if you are new and an F.A.Q. The website is set up for ease of use and each level is organized on its own page so you know what to teach for that level and when. It looks like a nice curriculum to use. If you’d like to check it out here is the link:

I hope I have helped anyone who may be interested in using the Charlotte Mason Method find a curriculum they would use. If I have missed one and you think it would be a good fit for someone please job it in the comments.

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