Art: Is It Important?

We use art in our homeschool and I sometimes get questions as to why. Is it really important? Do kids really need it? Aren’t you just wasting money? I truly think it’s important for several reasons.

It helps kids be creative, something they need

They can work with their hands and see something they made themselves.

They develop fine motor skills, something that is very important while they are young.

They learn about colors, layout, and presentation skills.

As teenagers this is a way to express themselves and get their emotions out. By teaching them art from a young age we are giving them an outlet.

It is just clean fun, kids get to be messy, mix paints, glue and so much more!

Shallow Focus Photography of Paintbrush

There are so many other reasons art is important but just these few show why it should be taught. Many public schools are getting rid of it and I’m so confused. Why take away one of the only times during the day kids get to be creative? Not to mention it is one of the only times they are engaged outside of book work (not counting recess). One of the other reasons I hear that homeschool families don’t do art is that they don’t want to keep it all. I have fixed this problem is by putting up a picture of the week. Other have digitized their children’s work.

I also personally feel art is important because where would the world be without it? Much of our beauty comes from paintings, sculptures, and statues. Why take that away? Why kill children’t creativity? Not only do they learn much needed skills but they learn to make beauty where there may be none. Do you think art is important? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments!

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