Singapore Math Inc. Dimensions Math 2b Review

Today I’m going to post about Singapore Math Inc. they sent us the
Dimensions Math PK-5 teacher’s guide, workbook, and textbook. We did level 2b for our son. The teacher’s guide breaks down the lessons and gives you info on how to teach the lessons. It is broken down into nice little sections to make teaching and finding information easier. The teacher’s guide also includes an answer key to check the students work. A materials list is at the front of each lesson so you know what will be needed There is also a link for online resources to further the learning process.

I found preparing and teaching lessons to be using the teacher’s guide. I knew what to expect for each lesson and the words to use to teach it. The student textbook went right along with the teaching guide. The pictures were the same and the activity language was the same. This made it easier for my son to follow along as we did the lesson and he was able to talk through/do the activities in the textbook as I taught. The language wasn’t overly complicated, and the bright pictures kept my student engaged and interested. He thought the activities in the textbook were fun.

The Workbook was more in-depth and that is where students do their actual math problems. The workbook was laid out simply and wasn’t overly complicated to use.

Our plan was to use the math curriculum every day however we did hit a bit of a snag when my son got confused due to not having been taught math the way the curriculum teaches it. Our previous math curriculum was structured different and my son said he didn’t like the way this curriculum taught it. I found myself explaining how to do math problems more than once. That is not to say it’s not an amazing curriculum because it is. I really like the way it was structured and explained. We set it down for a day and tried again but my son still didn’t understand how they were doing the problems.

I would recommend Dimensions math as it is thorough and well structured. My son said he would tell others to give it a try and see how they like it but he’s not sure it’s for him. I’m going to continue using it and see if it finally clicks. I just think at this point it may just be getting used to learning math in a new way. If your family is looking for a well thought out, well-structured math curriculum I believe you will like this one! I’m planning on doing a follow-up review in a few weeks to update my readers on how my son is doing with the curriculum after using it for a while.

If you’d like to read others thoughts on the curriculum you can by clicking the banner below:

Dimensions Math PK-5 {Singapore Math Inc. Reviews}

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