Tied 2 Teaching Stem Activities Review

We got to do some really fun stem activities for this week’s review! We made a lighthouse and a boat and so many more things! For the purpose of this review I will be showing pics of our lighthouse and tinfoil boat. These activities are part of theSTEM Activities, Full Year of Challenges with Close Reading by
Tied 2 Teaching. There is a full year’s worth of stem activities and reading material included in this package. My son loved getting to do hands on projects instead of just reading something or watching a video. All of the reading material is highly educational and helps the students learn more about lighthouses, boats, the legend of Leprechauns or whatever they are learning for the activity.

The activities are broken down by months and some of them correlate with holidays that happen that month. My son loves knowing we will get to continue these activities for an entire year. This is a great curriculum if you have a child that loves to do projects they get to make. The boat was so easy to make and it was very cheap, in fact all the projects you get to make are easy and cheap!

My son loves anything that has to do with water so he was super happy when he heard the word boat! He also loved the fact that he got to make it out of shiny tinfoil. We read the required reading, answered the questions and he got to folding and bending the foil. He wanted a big boat and the pic above is the finished project! So much fun and it took only a little time!

The lighthouse was also really easy and fun to make!

The bottom pic is our finished project! The middle pic is an example of some of the questions and activities that go along with the project! My science, hands on loving boy enjoyed doing these more then I can say! Whenever I mentioned doing a stem activity I was met with excitement and clapping of hands! This year full of fun, engaging, hands on activities are well worth the price! Be sure to check them out! If you’d like to hear what other families think of Tied 2 Teaching click the banner below to check them out:

STEM Activities, Full Year of Challenges with Close Reading {Tied 2 Teaching Reviews}

A Review of Artistic Pursuits-Art of the Ancients

Art has always been a fun subject in our house, my son begs to do art. We weren’t really using a curriculum for art, I would find fun looking projects online and we’d do them until we got to try one of the books from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. We got to do the Art of the Ancients in theK-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 1-8  in the series. This particular book is volume 2. It came with a book and a DVD to watch lessons. In the book we not only got to learn about different art techniques but we also got to read about different ancient civilizations and the way they did art. The pictures were colorful and bright, the stories interesting. My son said he loved how glossy the pages were and you could tell it was high quality.

The supplies you needed were all listed and the DVD had step by step lessons on how to work with each medium. It was a lot of fun to see my son enjoy learning and following along!

My son’s favorite medium to work with was pastels. There were other projects where you could work with clay but he enjoys anything remotely close to coloring so for this review I will be showing projects he did using pastels. The first project was to draw something with four wheels. The book showed a picture of a fire truck and that was what my son chose to draw. We read the text, watched the video lesson and he got to creating!

He had so much fun doing it he actually begged to do more that day! He was excited to learn about art and history rolled into one!

The next lesson we did was lesson 7. Here he had to draw animals in our environment. We first read about the animals and plants in Ancient Egypt. As with our first lesson we watch the DVD then my son got to work on his own art.

The last project I’m sharing for this review is lesson 12. We had to trace a silhouette of my son. He was so happy to be a “model” for his art project. We giggled and joked because I’m not that great at art and the tracing looked really funny. We read how they did this in Italy and watched our lesson, so we knew what to do step by step.

This lesson was our personal favorite because of how it turned out. It gave our family a few giggles and we bonded over trying to out do each other in tracing.

There are many other great projects to do throughout this book and the history lesson provided for each only adds to enrich what the children are learning. My son has only ever worked with pastels once before this and chooses to usually draw with a pencil, he has gotten pretty good too! However, this book, the DVD and stories have caused him to expand his knowledge of different art media and we have ordered more supplies! We are working in pastels, clay, and watercolors now!

Although these are art lessons your children are also going to learn about history with this volume in the series. Some of the other volumes cover the Middle Ages, Modern Age, Impressionist and more! This series is very well done! It is a fabulous addition for any homeschool art class! If you’d like to learn more about Artistic Pursuits and their products head over to their website: https://artisticpursuits.com/. If you’d like to hear what other homeschooling families think of the curriculum click the banner below:

Kindergarten to Third Grade Art following History in Chronological Order {ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Reviews}</center

HomeSchool Complete Review

Today we have another review for you! We got to review Homeschool Complete
unit study This unit study was about the Pioneers , it covers Language Arts, Bible, Math, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, Character Development and more. This was a very fun, interactive, hands on curriculum. My son got to do worksheets, play games and do projects. It was a very organized and easy to follow. My son was excited to get to not only learn about the Pioneers but to do small projects and worksheets. His favorite was the math worksheets because math was his favorite.

The unit study consisted of 12 weeks and there was a daily routine for us to do, as well as a supply list and worksheets were provided (as stated above).

Each lesson was broken down so you know what you need and what your student(s) will be learning for the week. I found it easy to follow and all the projects were cheap to make. Your children get a great hands on learning experience without breaking the bank!

I got to sit with my son as we did the lessons and help him learn which was fun for me! We researched more online and now my son can list off who the Pioneers where and what they did! The worksheets and projects allowed him to dive deep into the subject matter and excited him enough to want to learn more!

We are planning on buying more of homeschool completes unit studies! They are fun, engaging, interactive and well put together! They offer products for many grades from kindergarten to sixth grade. Many families would be blessed to have these in their life! This mom loved that the prep was minimal and that there was a list detailing what I needed, clean up was easy peasy and we got to spend time together while learning!

If you’d like to see what others think of Homeschool Complete click the banner below:

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To learn more about Homeschool Complete and their products you can do so at the following links:

https://www.facebook.com/homeschoolcomplete/ https://instagram.com/homeschoolcomplete https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5aqEg8dpPHxHSr_p-x5u7w

Free Online Resources

A while back I did a post on free curriculum, today I want to post about free online resources. These are not curriculum but you can use them to supplement anything you’re using. 

Magic School Bus

Image result for magic school bus

If your kids are like mine they love the Magic School Bus. We watch it a lot and I personally consider it as part of our science curriculum now. I was delighted to learn that Scholastic offers some free resources to go along with the show. They are for grades pre-k-5th. This worked out perfectly for us because I have two that are in those grades. I love that we can expand on something my kids already love and they learn more! If you’d like to check the resources out here is the link for you!


MagicBlox Children’s Book Library 


If you are looking for books for your children to read and don’t mind them being online this will be a great resource for you! They have beginner level (1-6) all the way to advanced (9-13). The books are cute and colorful, my kids really enjoy them! They have action and adventure, history, holidays and so much more! I love that my kids can read while I get things done. Check out the site for yourself with the link below.


Geography Resources

You can print off geography resources to help supplement your geography curriculum with this site. They offer country fact sheets, children just like me sheets, country flag flashcards and more! You could realistically make a full geography unit study using what they offer. We love using these resources in our homeschool, my son says they are fun! Check them out at


Scott Freman Reading

Online Grammar and Writing Handbook

This site offers free grammar and writing to students. The resources are for grades 1-6. These are offered as online textbooks that you can print out. I love using them once in a while (we aren’t a textbook/worksheet family). I like giving my son busy work now and then and find these are helpful and that he likes them. Here is the link if you’d like to explore the site for yourself.


Children’s Bible

I’m always looking for a Bible that my children can understand. They are young and the thees and thous trip them up a lot. I found this Bible from Bible Hub and it has easy to understand language. My kids enjoy reading it and this is what we use for our Bible class (until I find one that isn’t online that I like.) Check it out at the link below.


These are just a few of the many many online resources you can find. It is my dearest hope some of these will help you! If you have any more you’d like to add to the list let us know in the comments.