Crosswired Science Review

We reviewed CrossWired Science recently and my son loved it very much! The classes are online and you can subscribe to them! They have a calendar you can follow called the standard calendar.

Sound, and Fluid Dynamics Calendar 1

You start with the core videos 1 and 2 on Monday and watch core videos 3 and 4 on Tuesday. Wednesday consist of digging deeper and worksheets and a quiz. Thursday your student can look through general links and Friday they will do some reading. I really love this curriculum though because it can really be self paced, the calendar can be used or you can do the curriculum how you wish. We followed the standard calendar as my son likes to be structured. There are two different ways your student can learn first timers and second timers. For this review I’ll be discussing the first timers area because that is what we used.

My sons favorite unit we did was Fluid Dynamics!

His favorite unit was called Dog Slobs and Elegant Cats . In this unit he learned about how dogs and cats drink and the difference between them. There were true and false test and worksheets. The videos were just long enough to really teach them the lesson but not so long that my son lost interest. My son adored how the curriculum was set up and was eager to learn a new lesson every day!

He also enjoyed the read a book sections. We got to choose a reading plan and download a schedule for the plan we chose. They have different categories and levels that your child can choose from. My son chose character sketches and creation magazine first. I have never seen him enjoy reading more!

We haven’t get finished every lesson on the fist timers path but we’re already planning on paying for second timers when we are done! Our entire family thinks that Crosswired Science is a great fun and engaging way to learn science. If you have a child who enjoys learning by watching videos and taking a quiz on the computer this would be a great fit for them! If you’d like to see what other home schooling families think please click the link below:

Rhythm and Writing Review

This time we are reviewing Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew from
 Rhythm & Writing.

I reviewed this with my youngest child this time and she loved it! She loved getting to watch the videos that are included on the website of the Get Write Crew. This is a great workbook/video series for beginner writers. They get to practice letter writing and coloring. This helps kids learn not only letters but how to hold a pencil the right way.

The videos are fun and my daughter was singing right along with the Get Write Crew. They are bright, catchy and kept even my small child’s attention. She loved getting to color and would go on and on about getting to draw letters. She would point at them and say happily “That’s an L!” I loved seeing her face light up and watching her clap her hands to the videos.

There is a pre-assessment for your children to do so you can see where they are when they begin doing the workbook.

The workbook also came with a dry erase overlay so that you can have your child(ren) practice on that before you have them work in the book. This is to help them learn how to make the letters before they write in the book. My daughter can now write almost all of her ABC’s and asks to watch the videos over and over again. I love using this with my daughter and highly recommend it for anyone who has beginning writers. Your kids will learn quickly and love doing it! If you’d like to read what other homeschooling families thought about the curriculum click on the banner below:

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