Techie Homeschool Mom: Ancient Egypt Online Unit Review

We have gotten the chance to review Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study by
Techie Homeschool Mom. She offers many other unit studies but we are going to only focus on the one we have done for this review! My son has always loved learning about Ancient Egypt so when an opportunity popped up to do a unit study we quickly said yes! You child will learn all about Ancient Egypt through videos, website and projects they get to make themselves! Students learn all about Egypt’s civilization, daily life, hieroglyphs, inventions made by the Egyptians, mummies, clothing, the rosetta stone and so much more!

When your student is done with the videos and reading any info on the given websites they will do a quiz to test there knowledge. There is also some great suggestions that you can add onto what your students are learning. These include books and games to play. Below is another picture of what the unit looks like.

My son loved learning about Egypt through this unit study and has expressed interest in learning more by doing all of the other unit studies that are offered!

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