Life has Gotten the Best of Me

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Wow, so long time no write! I am so behind on my work! Writing, blogging, and even home schooling. I have been running a lot lately from appointments and just because of life. We found out we are having another baby and that has been the focus a lot lately as well. I have some posts to make about the curriculum we’ve reviewed and so much more stuff! While I was blessed to be able to team up with Intoxicated on Life! They have so many amazing homeschooling resources and other awesome stuff! I wanted to share one of the things I love with you today!

Their Brainy Breakfasts book! I love this because they have over 4 healthy breakfast ideas for your family! They are good, easy to make and grain free! Please click the banner to check it out!


Okay, now that that has been done, I just want to say I’m going to do my best to post once through twice a week again. This coming school year should be interesting for my family! I’ll have a 6th grader, a preschooler and come November a newborn. Tell me what grades your kids are in and how you plan to tackle this coming year in the comments!