Why I haven’t posted in a While

Hello all!

I wanted to hop on here and let you know why I have been posting as much. We found out I was pregnant in February. We recently found out I’m high risk so that resulted in more doc appointments. I have also started a business and my daughter is starting preschool. That means I have a middle schooler and a preschooler. My husband has had an increase in hours, always a good thing, but I’ve had a little less help due to it. We’ve just been taking it one day at a time here! Things are starting to so down so that is good!

For the most part everything has been fantastic! We’ve just had an increase in doc appointments. I’ve gotten my daughter started in preschool and she is doing well. That means I’m teaching a middle schooler and pre-schooler this year. We are thinking of changing up our curriculum for the 6th grader because he isn’t really being challenged by what we’re using. I’m really hoping to hop back in with blogging regularly soon!

How are all of you doing in your homeschooling? Let me know in the comments!