Preptober, NanoWrimo, and Homeschooling

This year one of my son’s assignments is to participate in Preptober and NanoWrimo. For those of you who may not know what that is NanoWrimo is something writers do in November. They write a novel of 50,000 words in a month. It is a fun, creative exercise to help them flex their writing muscles. Preptober is where we all prepare for Nano the month before. Many writers use the month to come up with an idea, research and outline.

Image result for nanowrimo 2019
NanoWrimo 2019 poster

I have used Nano to write two novels one has been published and one is almost ready to be published. My son has shown a great interest in writing a book and I really want to encourage in in doing that. Nano offers a young writers program and I thought participating this year would be a great, fun way to get his feet wet. He can do it alongside me while I help him. He is excited and has been asking me to get him outline templates to start working on his story.

The good news is that the young writers do not have to write 50,000 words unless they choose to. They can pick what they want their word count to be on the website specifically made for them by the Nano team. You can check that out here:

As for outlining the amazing team has provided workbooks to help young writers plan and prepare for Nano. You can download those here if you’d like.

Image result for nanowrimo workbook pdf
Picture curiosity of the Nano website

I will be getting my son the middle school one, but as you can see they have one for all grade levels. This can easily count toward school and who knows if your child is serious about writing could help lead them down the path of being an author.

Do you have a student that wants to be a writer? Or maybe you want to be a writer. I would suggest doing Nano this year as a way to get started in that direction! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever participated, had a child who has or if you or your child wants to

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