Dungeons and Dragons as an Educational Tool

Dungeons and Dragons will be refered a DND throughout the post

If you not into roleplaying games this is probably not the post for you. My family and I are super nerds! We love video games, comic books, action figures, superhero movies, and DND. My son has taken a recent liking to DND and wanted to learn really badly. I was all for it as it can be a great family bonding activity. I also started wondering how this could be a possible learning tool.

We are using DND as a learning activity in many ways. 1. Math this game is very, very math centric. Players have to roll different dice to make just about any more. From making a move in battle to charm their way out of a bad situation and more! The way this is done is with a set of dice, but these aren’t your normal everyday dice. You have d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20. Each dice has a purpose in the game.

Image result for dnd dice
Picture from https://www.amazon.com

We are also using DND to teach our son about writing. How? You may ask, well by character building. Most of the building is by rolling those dice again and determining how strong, smart, and charming you are. There is a major part of character building is coming up with a backstory. The player comes up with a history or backstory for their character. They have to come up with character is from, what they do, what motivates them act. They record all this on a character sheet.

Image result for dnd character sheet
picture from https://www.instructables.com

Another way is teaching our son geography. You play in an imaginary land. Players either use a map or their imagination to visualize the land in which they explore. There are different terrain, buildings and people. Players have to learn the layout and history of this land. We use this to teach my son about real places by using them as a setting. It’s fun and he doesn’t always realize he is learning. Here is what a typical dungeon in DND looks like.

Image result for dnd map
Picture from https://dnd.wizards.com

DND is also a very social game! You can get together with many other people run a campaign. Friends are made and relationships cultivated. The DND community for the most part is an open, welcome, friendly community to belong to. My son is looking for a group right now of kids his age to play with. Look in the right places and you can find homeschool DND groups. Many people don’t see the value of DND but I promise you there are so many ways to use it to teach and get your kid around people with similar interest. Many times they do way more together then play the game. They actually become really great friends!

If you and your family like games DND may be one that you will all enjoy and as this post shows you it can be educational as well!

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